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About NorthPines Surgical Specialists

General Surgeons Serving the Montgomery County Community

The surgeons at NorthPines Surgical Specialists strive to provide the best surgical care and the latest innovations to Montgomery County and the greater Houston area. Our team is comprised of a group of surgeons that are leaders in the industry, and, above all else, are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to the communities we serve. Our surgical team consists of Dr. Charlie Dendy, Dr. Kenneth Helmer, Dr. Blair Jordan, Dr. J. Alan Przybyla, Dr. Kelly Gilmore-Lynch and Dr. Robert Ellis.

We cover the majority of surgical issues in our patients from newborns to the oldest of our population. Our doctors do complicated procedures, such as minimally invasive surgeries of the abdomen and breast cancer surgery. They also perform simple procedures as well, such as removing unsightly moles and cysts. Procedures including, but not limited to, hiatal hernias, gastric tumors, and reflux procedures.

Dr. Dendy is an osteopathic trained physician. The training is the same as that of their MD counterparts. Their education not only included the normal curriculum of medical school, but they were taught that patients should be treated as a whole, and not as individual health problems. They believe it is important to involve patients in their own care, since the patient is the reason for the original interaction. Find more information on Osteopathic Medicine, by visiting American Osteopathic Association

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Mon - Thurs: 8:00am - Noon
Fri: Closed